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Bryce Canyon & Coral Dunes of Utah

Sights of America's Southwest

Monument Valley

Slot Canyons of Arizona

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California Coast

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"Photography became an influence in my life after I received my first camera while in the sixth grade. After many years of experimentation with family 'snap shots', I became aware of color, form and light, and the affect these elements had on film. My photographic eye is drawn to simple, common images that possess these elements and help to open the door to my imagination."

Photography, still at the core of my art, has begun to take a new road for my personal vision. My work has been evolving into a mixed media, sometimes abstract, style. I take the reality of photography and create distinctive works of art.

My archival giclees are printed on metallic, canvas, watercolor or matte papers with pigmented inks and have been produced as large as 4 feet by 5 feet.