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"Photography became an influence in my life after I received my first camera while in the sixth grade. After many years of experimentation with family 'snap shots', I became aware of color, form and light, and the affect these elements had on film. My photographic eye is drawn to simple images, common images, that possess these elements and help to open the door to my imagination in creating my art pieces." 

Photography, still at the core of my art, has begun to take a new road for my personal vision. My work has been evolving into a mixed media, sometimes abstract, style. I take the reality of photography and create distinctive works of art. 

My archival giclees are printed on metallic, canvas, watercolor or matte papers with pigmented inks and have been produced as large as 4 feet by 5 feet.

ABOUT ME, the Artist!

**A Special Note #2:   If ever in the Italian restaurant, Olive Garden, within the USA, or if traveling abroad in Puerto Rico, Guam, Brazil, Costa Rica, Canada (Alberta, British Colombia, Manitoba, Sasketchewan), Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico or Panama ... please take a look at the walls of the Olive Garden restaurant for my commissioned Venetian Art piece:  Gondola Under Bridge

**A Special Note #1:  On June 3, 2015, the cable show on HGTV, BROTHER vs. BROTHER 2ND Season will begin.  Their sponsor, Wayfair, has asked me to supply a desert scene art piece that may be used - if either brother choses it during the season's show - in the Las Vegas renovation!  Watch the walls!!

Having spent many years in the corporate canyons of Wall Street, both as a bond trader and as an institutional salesperson, I traded my pinstripe suits for a photographer's vest and enthusiastically swapped the regimented corporate arena for the creative field of photography.

Before my move to the west valley in Arizona, I resided in NYC, studied at the International Center of Photography and the New School University. I have taken workshops from top photographers and comprehensive classes at both the Santa Fe (New Mexico) Workshops and Toscana Photographic Workshop of Italy - Bologna - held on the island of Sicily & Pantelleria. I am a member of Professional Photographers of America, a photographic vendor for a major U.S. hotel organization and an Arbitrator for FINRA in which I serve on cases in matters of controversy relating to the securities industry.

I love to capture on film the 'essence' of foreign regions - their people, their culture, their diversity. This, I feel, helps to enrich our lives and enlighten our minds. I am presently represented by several stock agencies, as well, and have been published in National Geographic Traveler, by the UK, German, Mexican and Spanish media travel industries, as well as European, Chinese and South Korean media, to name a few.

Although my current fine art pieces are impressionistic in style, my photographic eye and wide range of interests do not limit my "vision of the world" to any one subject.

Contact me directly for fine art Giclees, or see pages for direct links to my online galleries for Giclee purchases on various papers:  watercolor, matte, canvas with many framing selections -or---unique gifts for your home, children, yourself, or friends!

I hope you enjoy the trip!! 

~ Linda